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Pamela Nine Internationally Recognized Professional Intuitive Counselor and Spiritual Medium

Pamela Nine is a natural-born psychic, intuitive and medium. She inherited her unique gifts from her maternal grandmother and several past generations thereof. Her gifts were discovered at the very young age of five. She feels her life changed forevermore at that point, and her life path was transformed. Pamela has dedicated her life to developing her gifts and more than thirty years to the wellness profession, service and helping others. Within her work, Pamela uses the term “counseling” rather than the term “reading” which is more commonly associated with psychic and medium work. She views her counseling work as being “in-service” and along with accurate detailed information, she also provides spiritual guidance and support to those who come to her for assistance.

She has helped many find answers to life questions they are seeking. She also serves as a guide for wisdom, insight and knowledge that can improve life situations and further personal and spiritual growth. Her methods are based on personal transformation through self and inner awareness.

“What I like best about Pamela is that she clearly has dedicated her God-given abilities to provide spiritual guidance and support to others.”

– Ron Johnson, Former Senior Vice President and Chief Officer, Scripps Network Interactive


Pamela offers telephone, personal and group intuitive counseling session appointments. Over the course of Pamela’s professional career, she has provided thousands of counseling sessions for people all over the world, and from all walks of life. Those who come to her for intuitive counseling include, individuals, couples, teens, other psychics and mediums, professional musicians, artists, authors, athletes, celebrities, executives and high profile corporations.

During an intuitive counseling session, Pamela uses her unique psychic and intuitive gifts to work as a “Messenger of Spirit.” Her abilities enable her to receive and convey messages and insights about aura colors, chakra balance, personality traits, issues of mental, emotional and physical health, relationships, career, goals, talents, life lessons, life purpose, spiritual path guidance, and past, present and future life experiences.

Pamela’s gift of mediumship enables her to share information about the presence of angels, spirit guides, spirit guardians, and crossed over loved ones, who bring forth messages from the spirit world. Through her ability to communicate messages of love and hope, to and from souls who have crossed over, she often brings peace and comfort to grieving families. Pamela sees the loss of a loved one, as one of the hardest lessons of the life journey, and considers mediumship work one of the most rewarding forms of grief counseling available.

The experience of having an intuitive counseling Session with Pamela, is a positive and productive method of promoting comfort, inspiration and spiritual growth in anyone’s life. The sessions also provide a means of teaching that each soul exists for the purpose of learning, growing and attaining further consciousness and spiritual advancement by and through love.




“Pamela is the most gifted psychic and medium I have ever seen! I had my first reading with Pamela in 2010. The accuracy of the information she gave me both in the psychic information and mediumship reading regarding my loved ones was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The accuracy of the names of people in my life now and those who have passed left me stunned! (How do you pull the name “Gladys” out of a hat!)

The messages that I received through Pamela from my mom, my grandmother, and those dear to me who have passed were so comforting . . . messages which came through, that only my loved ones would say and things only they would know about.

Pamela is absolutely astounding! She told me things that I thought were not possible in my life, yet down the road they always happen! I have had many readings with Pamela both on the phone and in person when she came to Canada for events. Whether you are sitting in front of her or on the phone thousands of miles away, her messages are clearly coming from spirit.

She has guided me through several difficult situations and she always leaves me feeling confident in my future. Her sweet calming voice puts you at ease instantly. She is truly a very gifted psychic and medium and I highly recommend her to anyone! I am now registered for her spiritual apprenticeship program. If you have ever wanted a psychic medium reading, Pamela Nine is by far the most intuitive person I have ever had a reading from!

I have also had the privilege of booking Pamela for private yearly events here in Canada from 2011 to 2016. Her events book up within days of the announcement and she always leaves everyone she reads speechless! I look forward to her coming to Canada again!”
– JoAnne Stiers, Windsor, Ontario, Canada


To schedule an Intuitive Counseling Session Appointment with Pamela, please contact Nine Wellness at 865-531-9086, by email, or visit: Pamela’s Online Store.

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